The History of Brums Milano

A long history of quality



Loving a child means letting them be a child.

Every Brums collection conveys its desire to meet the many needs of its young customers. The high quality of its products and the emotional and evocative image of Brums reflect the brand's value.


  • Warmth

    Our products show their best into a warm, loving environment; an atmosphere where family, harmony and love are the things of children's dreams.

  • Sophistication

    It all starts with our products and their sophisticated style: a bon-ton look that focuses on attention to detail, colors and fabrics.

  • Guides

    Brums wants to be close to its customers in the most important moments of their lives: birth, baptism, special occasions... up to the next new arrival! Brums builds certainty and future; Brums is always by your side.

  • Reassurance

    We love taking care of our customers and that's why we adopt a reassuring attitude with them; the quality and safety of our products are a guarantee for the people who are dearest to them.

Company story


Giovanni Prevosti launches PREGIO, a small textile company that produces clothing for men, women and children.



Creation of the brand BRUMMEL, which later turns into BRUMS.



The company focuses its business on the kids clothing of a high level sector, with the acquisition of BRUMMEL SpA



The first franchise store Brums opens in Corso Buenos Aires in Milan.



The first corner Brums opens in Beijing.



Brums lands on the Russian market.



Restyling of the Brums brand.



Brums launches its first Bio Brums collection.



Preca Brummel launches the project “Mamme fare Impresa”: an innovative proposal for franchising, designed specifically for mothers who wish to become entrepreneurs by opening a clothing store for children.



Brums launches Brums Store, the official online store.



Brums is main sponsor and official merchandiser of the seventh World Families Meeting which takes place in Milan from the 10th to the 20th May.



Brums launches the online casting. More than 70,000 people take part in the project posting photos and voting little future Brums testimonials.


2015 was a very important year for Brums' history! From generation to generation, Brums still lives with families and still cares about children with quality and love.



Brums Retail Academy is founded to support stores in their work.




Brums' image is going to change. The aim is to conform the logo to a constantly evolving market needs, improving brand's positioning and perception internationally.

The heart of change is in our logo reimagining: we aim to remove the unnecessary with a minimal style image , where Brums historic colors - white and red – are standing out.

Indeed, the idea is to grant evolution and growth process, maintaining the values ​​which have made us one of the leading companies in children's wear sector.

The most considerable news of this restyling is the integration of the word Milano under the logo, which is going to point out the brand's Styled in Italy importance and the connection with the city of Milan, where the first store was opened in 1989.


Mothers and children have always been the only thought of Brums. Children are the future of the world. Brums, always sensitive to the problems of the children world, cooperates with various Italian and international realities.

  • Brums cooperates actively and continuously with the Foundation “Francesca Rava – NPH” which is involved in different parts of the world.
    Since 2005 Brums has helped 50 children adopted from Latin America, giving them a new life of smiles and happy moments. Brums knows well that children are happy when mothers are happy. The project "Moms do business" was actually designed to help and inform mothers who aspire to become entrepreneurs. Brums strongly believes in the human and professional potential of our moms, in their incredible abilities, in their way of being mothers, wives, entrepreneurs, in one word, WOMEN. On the website you can find all the information about the project. “Moms do business” is also on Facebook and Linkedin, in order to create new channels of communication with moms and for moms.

    Still you, Mom, in the heart of PrecaBrummel with the project "A bow in the company" , an initiative that assists and supports employees in the period of maternity, which is always full of emotions, fears and many more emotions.


Competence, enthusiasm and capacity for initiative are the requirements that we seek in our employees.

Motivated people, ready to invest heart and mind on a future of professional growth within the various structures of the group, still following a policy of equal opportunities.

If you want to work with us, fill in your Curriculum Vitae.