Sustainability is a very strong theme for Brums Milano: every day we promote ethical and eco-sustainable development maintaining a constant focus on the use of alternative raw materials that allow greater respect for the environment, preserving the health of flora and fauna. We strongly focus on the enhancement of slow-fashion products and on the recycling of materials.

We define our clothing proposal with the expression "Ethical Fashion " to underline the company's commitment to operate and protect the ecosystem. This philosophy of ours takes shape in the following initiatives:


BC I – Better Cotton Initiative: it is a global non-profit organization that promotes a program to help the cotton community by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Its main objectives are: the integration of sustainable agricultural practices and policies through the improvement of soil conditions, water management, attention to biodiversity, also with the help of the authorities; support for communities and small owners, starting with the promotion of well-being and economic development; guiding global demand for sustainable cotton by encouraging all participants in the supply chain to support the initiative and increasing consumer awareness.

Brums Milano uses the "best cotton" in the production of sweatshirts and jerseys.


REPREVE: it is the world's leading brand in the production of recycled fibers deriving from plastic bottles which are shredded and reduced into flakes and then melted and transformed into high quality resin, which - in turn - is melted and extruded to give life to the fiber and, subsequently, to the yarn. This initiative, based on the circular economy, helps to reduce carbon emissions and the amount of bottles dispersed in the environment, but also human impact in order to contribute building a better future for the next generations.

Brums Milano uses this fiber for denim fit and nylon outerwear.


SUSTANS: it is an innovative ecological padding made with Sorona polyester fiber produced by the Dupont company, leader in the science of polymers and fabrics. It is an eco-fiber that reduces dependence on fossil fuels and has less impact on the environment.

By combining this fiber with Repreve nylon, Brums Milano offers warm and 100% green clothing.


GOOSE DOWN: the goose down that Brums Milano uses to produce its down jackets comes from waste from the food industry. According to the logic of the circular economy, it is in fact important to recover materials, which otherwise would not be used, rather than breeding animals exclusively to produce garments.