The benefits do not end with the purchase of Brums products but continue with our Fidelity Program. Reserved initiatives, special promotions, discounts and much more await you.

Become part of this exclusive club reserved for Brums Milano customers: accumulate our drop points in the Brums single-brand stores or on the website and wait for your rain of prizes.



  1. Subscribe to a Fidelity Card in a Brums Milano store.
  2. Receive the Brums Milano Card.
  3. Accumulate Brums drop points by purchasing in Brums Milano single-brand stores and online on our e-commerce site or by participating in initiatives and promotions reserved for the Brums members. Each euro spent is equivalent to 1 drop point*.
  4. Request your prize directly in the shop or by selecting it from your account on the website: you will receive a discount voucher for each point threshold reached.
  5. With Brums Milano Card you can take advantage of the birthday promotion for your children: 10% discount in the 5 days before and in the 5 days after your children's birthday.

For orders placed online, the drop points are loaded on the Brums Milano Card only when the order status is set to delivered.

We remind you that the deliveries of the orders are made within the times foreseen by the shipping method chosen by you when entering the order.

*In the event of sales and price promotions with discounts of more than 12% and for all Outlet purchases, 1 drop point is provided for every €2 spent.


Discover the complete Regulations of the "Brums Milano Fidelity Card 2022" program

BRUMS MILANO Srl with registered office in Milan (MI) Via Freguglia n. 8/a, VAT number and Tax Code 12273870969 (hereinafter "Brums Milano" or "Promoter"), promotes the initiative called "Brums Milano Fidelity Card 2022" (hereinafter also "Program" or "Initiative") under the terms and under the conditions governed by this document (hereinafter the "Regulations"):

  1. DURATION: from 01.06.2022 to 31.03.2023 unless subsequently extended (hereinafter the "Duration Period"). The initiative is excluded from the scope of application of Presidential Decree 26.10.2001, n. 430, pursuant to art. 6, paragraph 1, letter c-bis) and by art. 22 bis of law n.116/2014, converting to decree law n.91/2014
  2. DISTRIBUTION AREA: Italian territory through BRUMS MILANO participating stores and through the website
  3. RECIPIENTS: the Program is reserved for natural person customers who are "consumers" pursuant to art. 3, paragraph 1, lett. a), Legislative Decree 206/2005, adults, residing in Italy and already holders of the Brums Milano Fidelity Card or who subscribe to these Regulations during the Duration Period (hereinafter "Recipients")
  4. DESCRIPTION OF THE INITIATIVE: the "Brums Milano Fidelity Card 2022" initiative is the BRUMS loyalty program that allows Recipients to access dedicated benefits, offers and promotions. Every €1 spent on Brums Milano clothing allows you to accumulate 1 point. During sales periods, price promotions with discounts of more than 12% and for all purchases made in the Outlets, 1 point is awarded for every €2 spent on Brums Milano clothing. The 12% discount is calculated on the sum of all the items on the receipt; therefore the points of all the garments on the receipt will be halved if the ratio between the total gross and net value of the receipt exceeds 12%.

The operation provides for the collection points in all the shops belonging to the same Brums Milano brand and online on the website, and the request for vouchers to be spent on subsequent purchases, according to the following thresholds:

  • 300 points: €10 voucher
  • 500 points: €25 voucher
  • 800 points: €50 voucher
  • 1000 points: €75 voucher
  1. METHOD OF JOINING: for existing BRUMS MILANO FIDELITY CARD holders, joining is free and automatic; the points balance of the "Brums Milano Fidelity Card 2021-2022" Program was reset to zero on 05.31.2022, while the points balance linked to the Program referred to in these Regulations will be reset to zero on 03.31.2023. For new subscribers of BRUMS MILANO FIDELITY CARD, starting from 01.06.2022, membership is free and automatic upon completion of the subscription procedure. The BRUMS MILANO FIDELITY CARD has unlimited validity, can only be used by the holder and is not transferable. The same can be signed by natural persons, adults, residing in Italy. In the event of loss or theft of the BRUMS MILANO FIDELITY CARD, the Holder may request a replacement by going to a BRUMS MILANO shop; in this case, the accumulated points will not be lost but will be transferred to the replacement card.
  2. HOW TO USE THE COUPONS: to request the coupons, simply go to a BRUMS MILANO store or online on the website, after having checked that you have achieved the required score. The vouchers can be used for a purchase subsequent to the request and can be spent in the BRUMS MILANO stores and online on the website The vouchers can be requested no later than the deadline indicated in point 1 and will be valid for six months from the date of issue, with no possibility of reimbursement of the remainder. Vouchers cannot be converted into cash and cannot be used during sales or promotional activities if the discount percentage on the receipt is greater than or equal to 20%. The points collected to receive the voucher will be automatically canceled once the voucher has been requested.
  3. POINT CALCULATION METHOD: for the calculation of points, the closing total of the receipt (if in the shop) or of the order (if on is considered, including VAT, net of the application of returns, discounts, rebates, discount coupons and, for purchases on, net of shipping costs. The points can be credited in the points of sale only upon recognition of the BRUMS MILANO FIDELITY CARD at the cash desks of the shops and before the receipt is closed. For purchases made on, points are credited only when the order status changes to "complete" following home delivery of the products or upon collection of the order in the shop. In the event of a return, the points calculation will be updated based on the amount of the returned items and the promotions applied to the returned order.
  4. BIRTHDAY DISCOUNT: when your child turns years old, you are entitled to a 10% discount on the items in the collection. The promotion is valid from 5 days before to 5 days after the birthday date and can be combined with other ongoing initiatives.
  5. VARIOUS: during the duration of the Brums Milano Fidelity Program, without prejudice to the rights acquired by the Recipients, it reserves the right to modify, replace and/or supplement the points accumulation methods and/or rewarding behaviour, as well as promote marketing initiatives - such as, including but not limited to extra bonuses, etc. - which allow further possibilities of accumulating points. These changes will be promptly communicated to the recipients of these additional initiatives. Brums Milano reserves the right to revoke the BRUMS MILANO FIDELITY CARD and/or cancel the accumulated points, if uses that do not comply with these Regulations are found. It is the Recipients' responsibility to ensure that the contact and participation details are correct; otherwise, participation in the Program referred to in these Regulations cannot be guaranteed.
  6. PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA: the information collected with the BRUMS MILANO FIDELITY CARD request form is used for the purposes and with the methods indicated in the "Privacy Information" made visible to the Recipients upon subscription or published on the website in case of request made online.